fashion forward: christine lagarde

fashion forward: christine lagarde

bonus: here is some text from an article on about christine lagarde:

Wearing a Pink Scarf to a Press Conference

Lagarde has a certain je ne sais quoi — this unidentifiable quality that makes her look confident and completely unselfconscious at all times. (It’s something that a lot of French women possess.) Part of this is her hair — short, silver, tossled just enough to make it look like she doesn’t care without making her look sloppy. Part of it is her perennial — natural! — tan. And part is the panache and flair she brings to conservative business dressing.Who else, for example, would have worn a bold pink scarf for her first press conference as managing director of the IMF?


jesus christ i can’t even.


10 thoughts on “fashion forward: christine lagarde

  1. I love the excerpt at the bottom. It’s risky to make a splash in such a conservative (at least in dress) environment, so her use of stylish scarves to stand out and show some flair is great. My favorite one from this page is her scarf with the triangle patterns.

  2. Um, is it just me or is it that a lot of people commenting here are not getting the joke? We should still be horrified at how the media still focuses on how women look, even when they’re say, oh, the Secretary of State or the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. We never say to the President of the United States, “Ooooh, cute tie!” Isn’t this site supposed to be satire????

    1. I check out the way males look too but I understand your concern. I came here because I was tired of looking coming across articles on what Kim Kardashian was wearing, and thought this was a cool twist. Looking more closely, “jesus christ i can’t even” shows the blogger’s attitude. So I guess I really have missed the satirical point of this entire project. My mistake, sorry!

  3. Sure the blog is great satire- but clothes do have importance and I think the women that are highlighted have made intentional choices – so I think a little analysis – and a little copying if it’s appropriate for your job- are fair!
    Love this blog for the profiles of powerful women, and also for fashion inspiration!

  4. I get that this is satire, and I love the message of that. But I do feel that there are also useful fashion ideas for women in a professional setting. So I agree with Jen; it can be both.

  5. When has a male politico ever been described as having silver, tossled hair? That article may as well have said, “Woman, girl girl, lady broad. Isn’t that cute that she wants to talk about money? Dame, gal, sweetie-pie. She’s purty.”

  6. If the Economist and Cosmo made a baby, Ladyposts would be that baby… and then she’d pick the Economist to live with after the divorce.

  7. I really like this blog. I find men and women to be equally interested in clothes, its just men are embarrassed about it. I agree with Glambrook lounge – its especially interesting to see what powerful women and female leaders are wearing. Let’s celebrate their achievements, but also the fact that they have developed thier own flattering styles. This is not about brains v beauty, in my view, but about how all of us present ourselves to the world – male and female, young and old, black and white – and who does it well, so that we might learn or even imitate. I recently blogged about Hillary and Angela Merkel’s “pant suits” which is how I found your blog.

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