Who Wore It Best: Hillary Vs Dilma

who wore it best hillary vs dilmaokay so literally as we speak Hillary Clinton is preparing for a press conference about her use of her personal email account during her time in office (but while she ALSO talks about women’s rights) and supposedly the whole thing is already a media disaster  but ACTUALLY I’m here to talk about Dilma Rousseff. I hadn’t heard of her before today and I encourage you all to look her up and read and learn. Did you guys know that Brazil’s current president is a woman who fought against an oppressive military regime in the sixties, survived torture and captivity, and eventually transformed her radical activist form of socialism into a belief in democratic government? ‘Cause I didn’t and what the hell. That’s amazing.

Anyway. She’s in the news today because she has enacted legislation that will impose stricter punishments on domestic violence offenders, which is a big deal because, on average, fifteen women a day are killed in Brazil.

(I’m just quietly gonna point this fact out and leave it here: if violence against women is a huge problem in a country with a female president, perhaps I can extend the argument to say to you, my fellow Americans, that electing a president that is a member of a minority group does not mean that the country’s problems surrounding said minority group are magically nullified after the election results are processed. Okay? Okay).

Dilma Rousseff is a badass. Just wanted to let you guys know. Happy belated women’s day.



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In case you hadn’t heard, Amal Clooney, prominent human rights lawyer and also beautiful wife of Hollywood movie star and also prominent human rights lawyer, has lately been subjected to a totally batshit media circus just by showing up to do her job. There’s some good stuff out there on the internet about the whole Twittersplosion, including this thinkpiece that makes me want to cry — not because it’s wrong, but because I honestly just don’t know what the answer here is anymore.

fashion forward: christine lagarde

fashion forward: christine lagarde

bonus: here is some text from an article on forbes.com about christine lagarde:

Wearing a Pink Scarf to a Press Conference

Lagarde has a certain je ne sais quoi — this unidentifiable quality that makes her look confident and completely unselfconscious at all times. (It’s something that a lot of French women possess.) Part of this is her hair — short, silver, tossled just enough to make it look like she doesn’t care without making her look sloppy. Part of it is her perennial — natural! — tan. And part is the panache and flair she brings to conservative business dressing.Who else, for example, would have worn a bold pink scarf for her first press conference as managing director of the IMF?


jesus christ i can’t even.

color guide: charcoal and lavender. featuring maria, tammy, kirsten.

charcoal and lavender maria kirsten tammy1

true story: I met Kirsten Gillibrand in 2006, when she was running for office against John Sweeney. I was getting a haircut in a salon in Saratoga Springs, New York and it was just me and the stylist in there, after the store had already closed for the day, just hanging out waiting for the foil in my hair to do its thing. This panicked-looking woman with a bluetooth and a clipboard knocked on the window and asked to be let in. She explained that she was the assistant of a woman who was running for office, they’d been asked to do a last-minute live TV appearance, and she’d left the house without wearing makeup that day; could we help? Five minutes later, Kirsten Gillibrand is there, extremely polite and charming and gracious, but — and this part I remember — clearly a little annoyed that she had to take time out of her crazy schedule to deal with her hair and makeup, and blow a bunch of money at this salon — instead of reviewing her talking points on the way to this event.

If I had been smart enough in the moment, I would have told her that I was sorry she had to deal with that bullshit, but I wasn’t. Instead I just told her that she had my vote. Which she did.

Maya Angelou.

Hey. Katherine here, the woman behind ladypockets. I just wanted to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a brief pause. Maya Angelou died today, at eighty-six years old.

She was an incredible woman. My deepest condolences to her loved ones, and to all those who, like myself, found courage and strength and comfort in her words.

She once said, and I quote, “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

She also said, “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”

Maya Angelou kicked serious ass. And her birdsong meant a great deal, to myself and to the world.