get the look: mary

get the look: mary


9 thoughts on “get the look: mary

  1. More please! Let’s see some scientists, lawyers and C-suite executives and others whose accomplishments transcend the tyranny of our celebrity culture. I love fashion and pride myself on being well dressed and well groomed. But I am neither a model, actress nor reality television star. Kudos to you for your truth-telling.

  2. Loving it! Capture some engineers and lab/IT techs, too, where the “uniform” is utilitarian, definitely casual, and the culture of your direct reports restricts the use of cosmetics, nail polish and jewelry even if your leadership role gives you more latitude. Love the name of the blog…. when did the fashion industry decide to outlaw pockets in women’s clothing and maneuver us into handbags as required accessories?

  3. Mentioning the Fructis hair product alongside a professor of classics made me laugh until snot ran out my nose. I also found your site through the NYT. OMFG, what a treat. Maybe you’ve started a trend– how long until we can expect Nina Totenberg to tell us about the lady Supremes’ fashion accessories peeking daintily at the modest necklines and sleeves of their judicial robes? (“Black is the new black!”)

  4. Yep, thanks Vanessa Friedman at NYT. (Although I couldn’t have disagreed more with your conclusion.) More ladypockets, please!

  5. I too found you via NYT and am so glad I did! Laughed so hard seeing that hair product next to Mary Beard, brilliant.
    Great site—Kudos!

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