get the look: julia

get the look: julia


6 thoughts on “get the look: julia

  1. My God, I want to print this entire blog and give it to my daughter for her sixteenth birthday, and I don’t even have a daughter. Or a printer.

  2. Reblogged this on Pop! Culture & Politics and commented:
    Ladypockets! A brilliant blog: it’s a Frenemy to consumerism, BFF to the savvy feminist newshound, and Assassin to the asshats who think what a woman wears is more interesting than what she does.

  3. Awesome!!! I’m an Australian who had the privilege of watching the political misogyny in action and Julia’s grace under fire was so inspiring. Unfortunately we currently have a Prime Minister who is appallingly repulsive in so many ways – and I think the majority of the country are looking back at Julia’s reign with the rosiest of glasses (she really did some incredibly things for Australia but people are generally too stupid to see past opposition propaganda and spin). Thanks for showing the impressiveness of this amazing woman on your blog 🙂

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